Accommodation : mini pack

This pack is intended for international students who already have accommodation but who need support to complete their application for APL of the CAF. This may allow you to benefit from state aid to pay your rent. We also help you suscribe to an energy contract (gas or electricity) and a home insurance.

By Zoom, WhatsApp and Discord we help you carry out the following procedures :

– APL of the CAF (state housing aids)

– Energy contract

– Home insurance*

*These procedures are mandatory to study and live in France.


Prerequisites to be able to benefit from this pack :

– Valid passport and French student visa

– Adress in France

– Being enrolled in a French higher education school or university

– French or European bank account


Some services involve additional costs that are not included in the price of the pack (house insurance, energy contract).


In option, we can also assist you to open a bank account, get a french sim card and a phone subscription, to obtain your city’s public transport card, to subscribe to a complementary health insurance, and for an airport/home transfer on the day of your arrival.