the experience
of international students
in France

Heading off on an adventure

What experience do you want to have in France?

Studying and living in France is always an extremely rewarding adventure. 

But to take full advantage of it, your stay must be well prepared, as the numerous administrative procedures can be stressful and time consuming.

We carry out your administrative procedures

We help you before and during your stay with tailor-made solutions so that you have peace of mind to study, discover and meet new people.


You select the solution and options that best suit you for a unique and personalized experience.

For all international students

A flexible offer suitable for students from all over the world!

Fast and remote

Even before your departure, in just a few clicks, you have already prepared your year in France.

Secure and confidential

Your data is secured. We do not keep any information that is not necessary for the completion of your procedures.


You avoid stress and save time to discover France, study serenely and meet new people.

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Administrative procedures

What are the mandatory administrative procedures to study and live in France?

International students must carry out many mandatory administrative procedures before and during their stay in France. 

Have you ever heard of “la CAF”, “la CVEC”, “le VISA”, or “la CPAM”? 

If not well informed and prepared, these administrative procedures will generate a lot of unforeseen time consuming problems.

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How to find accommodation in France?

The main problem of international students looking for accommodation in France is to find a guarantor. A mandatory home insurance will be required and in most cases, a bank account and a French Sim card will also be needed. 

Shared flats, students halls, individual flats? We look for the right accommodation for you avoiding pitfalls.

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We are convinced that intercultural exchanges enrich individuals and promote the creation of a more united world

But we are also aware that living abroad always holds many surprises that can be stressful and isolating. 

So rather than intervening afterwards, we have chosen to assist international students before and upon their arrival in France so that they can fully benefit from their new experience.